The Ninth World

The Whispering Mountain - Part 2

Previously on Numenera

We were ambushed by some bandits on the way to Twin Forks while searching for Lothar the Shiv. We’re looking for him because he saw a mountain with treasure. Now there’s a bunch of people with pointy throwy things in the woods, and people with pointy stabby things.

Session Notes

Mesmer attempts to mightily blow 2 nearby archers. He misses the injured archer but critically injures the other.

Jesus deftly runs around the invisible wall using his normal people powers to join Mesmer and Xiong and escape from the nearby enemies. He does so at a normal speed.

Xiong smacks an injured archer upside the head and kills him.

Cairn runs around the wall and fires through one of the arrow slits in the fake wall and snipes a bandit in the head, killing him instantly.

The bandits pursue Cairn around the wall. Two ran too long a distance to attack, but the third was able to attack, but Cairn nimbly dodges the clumsy bandits’ attack.


(Jesus falls asleep)


Mesmer, Cairn, and Jesus all dodge incoming arrows, but Xiong takes 2 hits turning him into a prickly bear.

Mesmer again mightily blows 2 fleeing archers, cleaving them into halves.

Jesus runs over to Mesmer.

Xiong notices that one archer is under a rotting tree propped up against the crook of another. Xiong smashes the rotting tree with his bear arms. The archer notices and jumps away, but his legs are crushed under the falling tree, leaving him alive but badly wounded.

Cairn drops Jesus’s crossbow and draws his oversized hammer. He takes a swing at one of the nearby brigands but misses.

The 3 brigands gang up on Cairn. He dodges 2, but is hit by the last attack which dazes him temporarily.

The crushed archer screams in pain.

The other 3 reposition and all shoot at the bear. The bear dodges 2 arrows but takes the 3rd.

Jesus lays his hands on Mesmer, healing him.

Mesmer swiftly runs towards the archer and kills one and misses the other with his mighty blow.

Xiong notices aerated ground behind one of the archers where he suspects Kaffa (insect larva) may be lying underground. He punches the archer really hard, knocking him back onto the aerated ground.

Cairn runs away towards the rest of the party, away from the bandits and the fake wall. He takes a short breather to recover.

Jesus runs to Cairn and heals him.

The crushed archer pulls himself with bones cracking away from the log. He feebly whistles.

The knocked back archer shoots Mesmer, injuring him greatly. The other archer shoots Xiong. The 3 melee bandits run to the trees to close the distance.

Xiong bear hugs Mesmer, healing him with the power of love.

Cairn smashes a bandit with his hammer.

The two melee bandits attack Cairn and Xiong but both miss. Xiong ignores the arrow that flies past him. The injured archer whistles and a large lizard slithers out of the brush and hisses non-aggressively at the crushed archer. The lizard doesn’t care about you.

Mesmer steps up to the injured archer who whistled the second time and cleaves through his armor, cutting off his arm and killing him. The lizard doesn’t care.

Jesus runs over and heals Xiong.

Cairn swings at the bandit and it misses, bouncing to the ground.

Xiong mauls a bandit, bats his shield away and claws his chest open.

The man grabs the lizard and slaps its side, it pulls him away. The rest of the bandits run away.

Jesus wanders off. Xiong manages to track the lizard man to a clearing where a bunch of pet lizards are tied up. You see the tracks of the man lead on the road and go toward the town.

We investigate the lizards and find 17 shins strapped to the lizards. The lizards don’t mind us. There are 11 lizards.

Next time, we’ll start at the lizard farm.


+1 XP to everybody as a global apology for making this guy get away automatically


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