The Ninth World

Session 25

A Web of Lies - Part 9

Jesus touches himself. Cairn uses his extensive knowledge of Shibari to tie up an unconscious Mnoma. Jesus goes to investigate the chrome sphere the bird left behind, and discovers patterns swirling inside it, as if something is moving inside the sphere. He steps closer to inspect it better. Upon touching it, it grows uncomfortably warm and begins to shake. He drops it and it cracks in half. A smaller version of the bird crawls out of it. Jesus soothes the baby phoenix, and the party debates how to properly restrain Mnoma so she cannot escape and/or steal back the bird.


Cairn rouses Mnoma by rattling his greatsword. She comes to.


How did you get in?

Same way as you.

Do you know the way out?

Of course I do.

If you want to make it out alive, you’ll take us with you.


So how do we escape?

Mnoma points at Mesmer “You’re going to need to take about 15 steps that way.”


Mesmer moves and trips over the same spot Elswyr tripped on. He discovers it’s a platform. He asks Mnoma how to use the platform. She replies that there’s a console behind the platform that when used will send you back.


Elswyr warns that the party will be sent into a flaming room full of guards. Mesmer finds the controls. Elswyr demands that Mnoma tell the guards to stand down when we arrive, and she agrees. She tells the whole party to stand on the platform, and they warily comply. She tells Mesmer to find the big red button, and he smacks it. The party’s vision fades, and they find themselves back in the fortress.


The room is no longer on fire, there are a lot of corpses, and the party is confronted by a group, led by Ruthan. The man beside him tells the party that he’s been sent by Dracogen to extract us and the box. He insists we leave quickly and leave Mnoma behind. A man draws a weapon and approaches Mnoma. Elswyr asks the man in charge if they know anything about Mnoma’s abilities or motives. He replies that she’s been a dangerous agent for the Convergence for some time and knows too much to be allowed to live. Elswyr reluctantly agrees. Cairn and Jesus also protest.


Mesmer suddenly frees Mnoma by cutting her bonds. Jesus tries to stop him but Mesmer is closest to Mnoma and acts first. Mnoma flees with a curse. Too worried about the approaching army, Dracogen’s agent tells the party to follow him out. They follow him out a back route, through a hole in the rear of the fortress. They learn from Dracogen’s agents that the Priesthood is on their tail. Mesmer thinks he spies scouts ahead, though they haven’t noticed us yet, and assumes they are part of the priesthood army. He points them out and the group skirts the scouts.


The party finds a horse and carriage, which brings them back to the mountain. Dracogen welcomes the party and receives the box. He announces that he can finally resume his preparations, and can offer us lodging in the meantime. He also informs Jesus that he’s found an alternate power source for the food-generator, to which Jesus is ecstatic. However, it is a fixed power source and cannot be moved, so the party will have to come to the mountain to partake of it. Jesus is still sad, but less so.


Elswyr asks how the box will help Dracogen get home. He explains that Shilomen is the expert, but the box will basically create a portal to take them home. Elswyr asks if the immense power will destroy this planet, and Dracogen reassures her it will not. Elswyr then asks Shilomen if he knows anything about her wings or what is happening to her. Unfortunately he does not, having been preoccupied with his plans to travel home.


Cairn asks if the duo know anything about the Ninth world and its history, but unfortunately they do not.


The party, out of questions, joins Dracogen for a delicious feast.


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