Perceptive Jack who Defends the Weak



Tier 2 Jack


Might: 15 radar-chart.jpg
Speed: 15
Intellect: 12


Might: 1
Speed: 1
Intellect: 0


  • Initiative
  • Defense (Intellect)
  • Defense (Speed)
  • Perception
  • Persuasion
  • Lockpicking
  • Numenera
  • Sabotage
  • Sneaking
  • Tracking
  • Flex


  • Persuasion

Tricks of the Trade

  • Practiced in Armor (Enabler): Penalties from armor reduced by 2
  • Sabotage (Enabler): Trained in lockpicking, numenera, and sabotage
  • Bash (1 Might Point): This is a pummeling melee attack. Your attack inflicts 1 less point of damage than normal, but dazes your target for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. Action.
  • Far Step (2 Intellect points): You leap through the air and land some distance away. You can jump up, down or across to anywhere you choose within long range if you have a clear and unobstructed path to that location. You land safely. Action.

Defends the Weak

  • Warding Shield (1 Might point) – When you Take the Attack for an ally, you can attempt to block the attack on your shield. Perform a Speed Defense task against the attack. If you succeed, reduce the damage of the attack by 4. Regardless of whether you succeed, you do not take the 1 additional damage as normal from choosing to Take the Attack.
  • Devoted Defender (2 Intellect points). Choose one character you can see. That character becomes your ward. You are trained in all tasks involving finding, healing, interacting with, and protecting that character. This includes your Warding Shield ability. You can have only one ward at a time. Action to initiate.
  • Insight. You are trained in tasks to discern others’ motives and to ascertain their general nature. You have a knack for sensing whether or not someone is truly innocent. Enabler.


  • Spear
  • Axe
  • Bow with 10 arrows


  • None


  • Armor of the Undying

Elswyr was born to humble scavengers, locals of Metheunis. They were investigating frozen ruins when the Iron Wind came. They took refuge in the dark shell of an ancient machine, and it was there that Elswyr’s mother gave birth to her. The mother did not survive childbirth, and her father returned home with a newborn baby with a strange mark on the back of her hand.

Her father raised her in Nihliesh, where he worked for the local crime boss, Ni-Chodoss. Elswyr’s father taught her how to survive in the slums of the city, where she was perpetually discontent at the injustices wrought upon the poor. Her father recovered all kinds of machinery and strange numenera for Ni-Chodoss, and Elswyr found that her body reacted strangely to some of them, consuming them or integrating with. One such interaction caused her to unwittingly drain the charge of a device delivered to Ni-Chodoss, which failed the gang leader in a moment of need. The vengeful mutant sent assassins to murder her father. Elswyr’s father ordered her to run as the assassins arrived. She fled, terrified, as the assassins descended on her father.

A distraught Elswyr fled the city, guilty at having caused her father’s death, and ashamed at having been unable to protect him. Now she wanders the Beyond, collecting Numenera the way her father taught her, and always seeking to protect the helpless from powerful individuals who would abuse them.


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