An impulsive glaive who crafts illusions



Tier: 2
Effort: 2
Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time.
Practiced in Armor: Glaives can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2. Enabler.
Practiced With All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.


Might: 16
Speed: 14
Intellect: 10


Might: 1
Speed: 1
Intellect: 1


Initiative (impulsive): trained
Intimidation (starter): trained
Sneaking (tier up): trained
Speed defense (impulsive): trained
Heavy bladed (tier up): trained


Impulsive: +1 step of difficulty to patience, willpower, or discipline

Fighting Moves

Bash (1M): This is a pummeling melee attack. Your attack inflicts 1 less point of damage than normal, but dazes your target for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. Action.

Thrust (1M): This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. Action.

Fleet of Foot: If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed-based running task, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.

Mighty Blow (1M): You strike two foes with a single blow. Make separate attack rolls for each foe, but both attacks count as a single action in a single round. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both of these attacks. Action.


Minor Illusion (1I): You create a single image of a creature or object within immediate range. The image must fit within a 10-foot (3-meter) cube. The image can move (for example, you could make the illusion of a person walk or attack), but it can’t leave the area defined by the cube. The illusion includes sound but not smell. It lasts for ten minutes, but if you want to change the original illusion significantly—such as making a creature appear to be wounded—you must concentrate on it again (though doing so doesn’t cost additional Intellect points). If you move beyond immediate range of the cube, the illusion vanishes. Action to create; action to modify.

DIsguise (2+I): You appear to be someone or something else, roughly of your size and shape, for up to one hour. Once created, the disguise requires no concentration. For each additional Intellect point you spend, you can disguise one other creature. All disguised creatures must stay within sight of you or lose their disguise. Action to create.


  • Chainmail
  • Greatsword
  • Crossbow
  • 20 bolts
  • An explorer’s pack
  • 7 shins


  • Single-use cypher that attaches to a weapon. Enemies hit by the weapon are randomly blinked a short distance away. Lasts 28 hours. Increases difficulty of all enemy tasks by 1.
  • resist mental effects that cause fatigue or weariness


  • Crystal that shatters when dropped, but instantly reforms (?). Hand-sized, quietist
  • Aerosol can, paint hangs in the air, 3D art
  • A piece of clear glass in a synth frame. By manipulating hidden switches on the frame, you can make random moving images appear on the glass. The images are usually strange and sometimes incomprehensible.
  • a stringed instrument that causes those aside from the player to feel weary and tired

Inborn Traits

You’ve trained under excellent instructors and have experience in many dangerous situations, but what makes you different is deep inside, entwined in your genetic heritage. Maybe it was the luck of being born fit. Maybe you’re a hulking brute—a mountainous figure who commands attention when you enter a room. Or maybe your strength is more subtle; you might be the descendant of a bioengineered race bred (or designed) for perfection. Perhaps you’re a mutant with psychic abilities that augment your physical nature; you guide and enhance your attacks with telekinesis, or you use a natural mutation in your brain to control matter on a molecular level to resist blows and inflict harm. Perhaps you’re something wholly new: an aberration or a human so perfect that you’re beyond human. You might be a posthuman—the next step toward the true destiny of the people of the Ninth World.


You have talents of which you are only dimly aware. You must practice and experiment to find your limitations, if any. At some point in the future, you might have to seek out someone who can help you master your inherent abilities. You were born with great power—now you need to learn how to use that power, even if the education takes a lifetime. superhuman traits as much as it is about your study, practice, or knowledge. You can do things that other people simply cannot, no matter how hard they train.


  • (Glaive Scenario 13) My best friend is a sage and a scholar. She is a great source of knowledge.
  • I think that Jesus is, well, Jesus. I saw him heal a wounded man.
  • Cairn can see through my illusions.


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