The Ninth World

Session 24

A Web of Lies - Part 8

The group searches in vain for an exit. Suddenly, two figures appear with a flash of light: Magistrix Iom and Mnoma. Without missing a beat, Mesmer flings his rapier through the air, and it pierces Mnoma. She pulls it out and snaps it in two. The bird on Iom’s shoulder hops down and begins to grow. Mnoma discards her cloak and vanishes amid the darkness.


Mesmer charges at Iom, swinging wildly, and misses. Jesus reacts quickly, hitting Iom with a mind blast of pure force. The bird lunches at Mesmer, but he dodges its savage attack. Mnoma appears from the shadows with her hands replaced with cruel claws and lunges at Elswyr, but she nimbly dodges both blows. Meanwhile, Cairn takes a short rest, recovering some strength for the rest of the battle. Elswyr goes on guard against further attacks towards Cairn and Jesus.


Mesmer swings and misses again. Jesus directs another blast of force at the Magistrix, which slams into him again, leaving him wincing in pain.  The bird stomps down on Mesmer, knocking him to the floor. Mesmer roars in agony as the bird’s sharp talons violently twist his leg. Meanwhile, Mnoma disappears once more into the darkness, and Magistrix Iom darts behind the bird, hiding himself from view. Cairn spots Mnoma as she attempts to slink away, and aims a furious blow with his hammer. Mnoma nimbly dodges away as the great hammer crashes down inches from her side.


Mesmer staggers up from the floor and takes a moment to compose himself. Jesus flies to his side and heals him. Elswyr attempts to follow, but stumbles over a piece of debris and lands sprawling on the ground.  The bird spits a ball of flame at Mesmer and Jesus, but Mesmer, fighting through the pain, grabs Jesus and leaps out of the way. Mnoma swipes at Cairn with her claws, hitting with one of them. Cairn dodges the other, spinning around gracefully and using that momentum to crush Mnoma with his hammer, denting her skin. Elswyr gets up and runs the rest of the way to the bird.


Mesmer rushes towards the bird, slides between its legs, thrusting into the bird, and ends up on the other side, facing Iom. Jesus attempts to slice Mnoma’s mind, but her middle-aged-resilience easily shrugs it off. The bird spews fire at Elswyr and Jesus. Elswyr nimbly dodges out of the way, but Jesus gets roasted. Iom slams down his staff and chants, healing the bird’s wounds slightly. Mnoma slashes at Cairn again, hitting with one of her claws, but Cairn is able to sweep her off her feet with his hammer, leaving her on the ground Elswyr swings at the bird and misses.


With a mighty swing of his greatsword, Mesmer slices the magistrix and his staff in half. Jesus steps back and touches himself, healing some of his wounds. The bird gobbles in rage and smacks Mesmer. Mnoma gets back up. Cairn smashed Mnoma with his hammer, but she managed to bear the brunt of the attack with her left arm, disarming her. Elswyr attacked and missed.


Mesmer thrusts back at the bird, further angering the bird. Jesus walks up to Mesmer and heals him. The bird spits fire at Mesmer and Jesus. Mesmer easily dodges out of the way, and Jesus narrowly avoids being singed. Mnoma shoots a poisoned needle at Cairn, leaving him impaired (hale -> impaired without affecting pools), but Cairn is able to incapacitate her with another blow. Elswyr bashes the bird, leaving it dazed.


Mesmer slices deep into the core of the bird, and it shrobbles in pain, beginning to glow. The air around the bird heats up, and a ball of fire consumes the bird. Mesmer dodges out of the way, but the explosion leaves Jesus impaired and Elswyr badly wounded. A ball appears where the bird exploded.


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