The Ninth World

Session 23

A Web of Lies - Part 7

The party uses the invisibility cloak to shuttle people back and forth and climb over the window. Cairn scouts out the interior, which is quite dark. We find a lit room with guards, two scary looking robed guys, and the box, seemingly connected by pipes to the building. Jesus uses his mystical sensing abilities and determines that the cube is radiating large amounts of power. The group debates whether to use diplomacy, combat, or stealth. Upon realizing how good sneak attacks are, they decide to launch a surprise attack and try to take out the leaders before they can react, then sprint out of the fortress.


Jesus and Elswyr fire arrows at one of the robed figures, and he falls over. Mesmer the fleet-footed rushes towards the other robed man with incredible speed despite his heavy armor and huge sword, and buries his sword in the enemy’s head. Jesus touches the cube and disappears in a flash of light. Elswyr searches for him in vain. Cairn and Mesmer overwhelm the guard captain with their mighty weapons and fell him. Elswyr tries to knock the cube off the pedestal by throwing her shield, but it just disappears as well. The guards flee in terror as Cairn growls at them. Cairn tries to knock down the pedestal with his hammer, but it proves incredibly solid. Cairn willingly touches the box to follow Jesus. Mesmer greases the entrances to the room with his can of lubricant. Guards start rushing in, only to fall down. But the room quickly fills with enemies. Thinking quickly, Mesmer produces his wall of fire, facing his foes, burning them slowly. Elswyr and Mesmer return their attention to trying to free their friends from wherever the box took them. Naturally, Mesmer tries stabbing the  with his rapier. It sparks. He tries smashing one of the many machines standing nearby. The machine sparks and sends out a blast of light. Elswyr and Mesmer feel a sharp tug, are dazed, and their vision goes to black.


As their vision returns, they see pinpricks of light and a warm glow around a large red globe. Everything else is still pitch black.


While Jesus had been trapped, he attempted to investigate the realm he found himself in. He determined that no matter how far he seemed to walk away, the orb appeared the same distance away. He scanned the ground, and found that the substance was foreign to him, millimeters thick, and that beyond it was only vacuum.


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