The Ninth World

Session 20

A Web of Lies - Part 4

While Dracogen prepares to wipe out the Convergence, he tasks us with one of his missions. We are to rescue a prisoner by the name of Shilomen. This person is held by Navarenean royal family, within their palace. He offers us the sleeping stone (and pills to resist it), along with an invisibility cloak. He also offers a keystaff that opens a door to the prisons. We are also reminded that there will be a wedding occurring soon for the princess.


Elswyr asks about the prisoner’s appearance and reason for incarceration. Dracogen explains that Shilomen is a man who most often appears as an elder with white hair and beard, strong of form with a scar across the forehead. He was imprisoned because he is not from this world. Elswyr asks if he is likely to not want to come back to Dracogen, but Dracogen assures us that will not be the case.


Dracogen offers us fireflyers, and we set off with them. We stash them near the town. Jesus asks a local about all the wedding preparations, feigning ignorance. We learn that Prince Trythsa is marrying Prince Jym of Thaemor. Jesus also asks about the wedding customs. We learn that it will begin in the great hall of the palace. There will be a reception with guests. Then at noon the bells ring, and the couple moves to the church to be married. We also learn that the wedding is 2 days from now.


Cairn suggests that we use the fireflyers to approach. Elswyr points out that we would surely be spotted. It’s suggested that Cairn and Jesus approach on foot using the invisibility cloak and Elswyr fly up high under cover of night and then glide on top of the castle.


Elswyr suggests we perform some reconnaissance, so the party approaches the castle. There seems to be a lot of traffic back and forth, guests and workers. There are guards at the base of the hill where the road to the castle begins. There are more guards at the top of the hill at the on which the castle is built. Both sets of guards seem to be checking people. There are many guests and hired help as well. Every group of hired help has some kind of supervisor who has a pass or invitation of some kind allowing them to enter. The guards check the pass, then wave the group on without talking to any of the workers.


Cairn prefers the flying/cloak approach. Elswyr prefers the servant approach. Cairn suggests a compromise, and Elswyr pounces on the idea. They can enter the courtyard by flying/cloak at night, bearing servant attire and paraphernalia. In the morning they pose as hired help and have their run of the grounds. However, she also suggests someone have a look inside the castle and flag potential threats, using the invisibility cloak. Jesus volunteers.


Jesus dons the cloak, and waits for a large group, then crosses with them. He focuses hard on being stealthy, and sneaks past the checkpoint. He enters the main building and looks around. He sees many servants but can’t find one alone to interrogate. Instead he heads to the bathroom, takes off his cloak, and pretends to accidentally barge into a man. He asks about the basement, and the main directs him towards the wine cellar. He puts the cloak back on and heads to it. He enters, and finds a seal on the floor of the cellar. He scans it, but it seems ordinary. He goes back out to the great hall and finds a similar seal. He scans it, and detects an opening beneath it. Jesus looks for a mechanism to lift the seal. He finds a gap beneath the stone, perhaps a secret chamber?


Having explored as far as he dare, he flees the estate. He trips over another group of workers and nearly reveals himself, but through sheer luck escapes notice beneath his cloak. He returns and rejoins the party.


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